Meinl MDPP Dynamic Pedal Pad

The Meinl Dynamic Pedal Practice Pad can help you get your bass drum chops up to where you want them, even if you're on the road or out of town. The pad is quiet, making it perfect for environments where practicing on a 22" bass drum might not be the best option.

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The Meinl Dynamic Pedal Practice Pad  designed to respond sonically to different dynamic levels, meaning this pad goes beyond just developing speed. The Dynamic Pedal Pad is good for any drummer looking to develop their control, sensitivity, rhythmic accuracy, and speed with their feet.

This Pedal Practice Pad does not come with a pedal, but it will work with any pedal you already have, so you can practice with the right feel.


  • Advanced bass drum pedal practice pad for single or double kick that responds at any dynamic level
  • It helps you develop control, independence and feel in addition to speed
  • Clearly hear every note at any volume from very soft to very loud
  • Height adjustable pad
  • Works with any common bass drum pedal